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Woodside Defence Families

We provide all forms of community support you need.

Our Goal is to Assist the Defence
Families by Offering the Best Forms
of Support to the Community

We are a non-profit organisation that forms a core part in strengthening the community of Defence Families in South Australia. Our goal is to assist the Defence families by offering the best forms of support to the community. We also provide quality access to information which helps Defence families make informed choices.

Our services are a reflection of support in all its forms. This ensures you enjoy the best experience when you join any of our programs.

Morning Tea .

Our morning tea event provides an avenue for members of the community to meet, greet, and have a fun time. At morning tea events, you get to share excellent meals with people and engage in fun activities that bring you together. It also serves the purpose of integrating the community and fostering conversations on issues affecting the Defence families.

The morning tea event is also used as an avenue for fundraising. The money raised is used to attend to issues that affect the community. We also carry out research to make informed choices on how best to use the funds to achieve maximum value. The morning tea event is an avenue for meeting and much more.

Playgroup .

At WDF, we offer playgroup services through which we help children develop their cognitive skills. Our playgroups are a fun ground for children, but they also serve the purpose of developing children socially and educationally. We are fortunate to have numerous toys for children, so there is more than enough for your child to play with.

Our playground has lots of play equipment and facilities for children. We also ensure maximum protection through adequate fencing of the environment. With our playgroup, you can develop a closer relationship with your child. Parents also share their experiences. This gives you insights into how you can improve.


We have numerous craft materials for children. We use craft to create tasks for children which strengthen their ability to think, imagine, and focus. From story stones to dress-up material and colouring, our programs specifically operate to improve your child’s abilities.

To ensure our tasks are useful, we have a team of expert volunteers that draft our assignments. They provide the best craft to use and for what task. This helps us to achieve the desired results with the tasks your child attempts.

Keeping Fit .

We hold your wellness and health in high regard. Our walking program provides you with the opportunity to join several others in a fun physical activity. Walking with others makes it enjoyable. We also set targets for our walk to ensure they are effective on your health.

Our keeping fit program also features other activity such as yoga and Pilates. Through this, you are sure to get an absolute value for your time. This activity is one you can invite your friends along and even bring your dogs. It’s a fun moment, but with value-added.

Book Club .

We understand the importance of reading and also the fact that several people enjoy reading. Our book club is set up to be a space for readers to interact and discuss books. We welcome all opinions in our book club. We understand that books can be understood from different perspectives.

We prioritise inclusivity. So, our book selection process is one which involves every member of the club. We also discuss a wide range of books. As such, you are welcome irrespective of the kind of books you read. The book club is a safe space for everyone.


All our events come up at varying times. Some are regular while others come up in months, such as our book club sessions. We have a variety of events always lined up. You can join any of our events by obtaining our membership at $10.

To track the dates of our events, you can visit our Facebook page to check all our timetables.

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