Using Book Clubs to Foster Discussions and Integration

One of the ways we keep the community together is through our book clubs. People love to read, but not many have who to discuss books with. Discussing books is a way to bring members of the community to the point of convergence. Our book club aggregates the reading interests of members to determine the choice of books to review.

You should join our book clubs and become a part of the culture. We review all sort of books, and our sessions are always brimming to the full with amazing ideas from our members. If you will like to join our book club, here are a few things you should know.

Theme Finding

We do not just choose books to review randomly. We take in suggestions from members of the club on their areas of interest. We also take tips on book members will like to read and review. Whether it’s modern literature or twentieth-century books, we take all considerations. So, irrespective of your taste in books, you are welcome.

We also decide on whether to read a series or a single book. If we decide to go with a series, then we will create a structure for everyone to read the series within a set period. Doing things at the same pace helps our book club to represent the interests of the members adequately.

We also occasionally change the mode of our book selection. Sometimes, we may do it together. Other times, everyone may have to come up with their list of books and submit for review. 

After taking suggestions, we aggregate interests and create a timetable of the books the club will read review.

We Regulate Meetings

We understand that community members have their daily lives and works, which are already demanding enough. Therefore, we do not over meet. We schedule our meeting times to fit into the schedules of many. We run our meetings every six weeks. It is always a Tuesday in the evening time. 

This helps us to get the maximum value out of the book clubs. A book will take a few weeks to read, understand, and come up with reviews. So, the timing we give makes this possible. As such, members find it convenient.

We Are Mobile

To spice our review sessions, we do not just stick to a single spot for all our meetings. We move our meeting from one local restaurant to another. This affords us the opportunity to both do our reviews and also eat while at it. This also serves as a way of supporting different local businesses, which is one of the aims of the organisation.

Ground Rules

Our book club emphasises lively and enjoyable discussion among members. However, we understand that there may be disagreements among members. Therefore, we have ground rules through which we keep things in check.

  • Time Allotment: we allot specific time to each discussion, and to each person. This helps to build a framework for each session. So, you cannot speak beyond the allotted time. Through this, we ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity of speaking. 
  • To ensure that everyone isn’t speaking at once, we make use of an object. Whoever is speaking is the person to hold the object. When you are done, you pass it on to the next person. By so doing, there is some level of respect accorded to the speaker at every point time.
  • We enjoin members to embrace points of view. Everyone cannot have the same interpretation for a book. In fact, one of the aims of a book club is to entertain different opinions from people. Therefore, our book club is a place where ideas are fertile. Everyone has an equal opportunity to air their views. 

We Keep A Friendly Atmosphere

At our books, we strive to keep a friendly and family-oriented atmosphere. Our book club is a safe space for all our members. It’s a place where you can discuss a book as you please and ask all valid questions you have. We ensure to see from one another’s perspective and provide insights where they are needed. 

We Only Allow Members

This is one reason you should join our book club. In a bid to ensure that all members are on the same terms, we only accept members into our sessions. So, all the beauty that goes down during our book review sessions is only accessible by members.

Bring A New Member

We prioritise developing the community. As such, one of our objectives is to keep getting better. So, we always encourage members to bring a friend also to join the club. This gradually helps the club to grow and also makes it another entry for integration in the community. A book club of various people in different age range produces a healthy environment for opinions and discussions. 

Join our book club today.