Maximising Craft for Child Development

The craft represents the several materials which we use to help kids explore their surroundings. They are also used to help children develop cognitive functions and identify different items. Crafts are various art forms, including painting and paper activities.

At WDF, our craft group resumes the Community centre to set out the craft activities for the day. They pick each craft activity with the children in mind, knowing what will significantly improve the children’s skills. They also create a friendly setting that fits each craft activity and develops the framework of how the training will go.

Some of Our Craft Ideas

We have various craft ideas to develop your child’s brilliance and social skills. 


Playing dress-up is fun for children. They enjoy it because it gives them the avenue to try out new things. They put on hats, and funny capes and they act out roles of their favourite characters. However, the aim of dress-up is not merely to be fun, but also to develop the brilliance of children. 

With dress-up, children tend to have a deeper understanding of themselves and others around them. Giving children dress-up tasks allows them to think of what they want to look like and the go-ahead to play it out. This improves upon their imaginative capacities and strengthens their intelligence.


Kids love to listen to music and dance for the fun of it. But that is not all. Listening to music improves the language efficiency of kids and the strength of their memory. By listening to different kinds of music and sounds, children learn various movement patterns, and they begin to acknowledge rhythm. This improves their capacities throughout their life.

To keep children busy and allow them to reflect, gentle and low music does the job. This can allow kids to focus and engage in certain activities; you may give them to do.

We also give children an instrument to play, even if they cannot produce a coordinated sound. By trying their hands on it, it develops their interest and cognitive skills. We also encourage them to dance to the tune, depending on the activity of the day.

Puzzles and Memory Games

Brain-oriented games are soothing for the development of children. We consider the age of your child and determine the suitable puzzles for them. As you may know, puzzles develop the thinking ability of children. We have several puzzles which we explore with children.

Depending on age, we also explore memory games, which help to train the retention ability of children. Other times, we also task children to pair odd sucks up. This helps to develop their identification and matching skills. 

Drawing and Colouring

Creativity is one of the things children develop at developmental stages. With the right programs and training, children can build drawing and colouring skills which will become a part of them for life. 

At WDF, we engage children in activities involving the use of their hands and mental functionalities. Colouring keeps children focused and opens their imaginative abilities. By giving them a set of boxes to colour, we strengthen their ability to be precise and focused.

Our craft materials include colouring books, crayons, and other relevant drawing materials. We give the children books and explore with them what they may colour. We also dedicate an area for children to engage in arty play, equipped with enough colourful supplies and papers.

Enhancing Story-telling Abilities

We make use of story stones to develop the story-telling abilities of kids. Story stones serve as prompts to help children tell stories. They serve educational purposes by assisting the children in coming up with their stories. 

With the story stones, a child picks up a stone and is prompted to tell a story with the description on the stone. This craft is often done in groups and fosters the spirit of togetherness in children. 

Fairy Gardens

We also make use of fairy garden materials to improve children’s abilities. We provide children with cardboard pieces and plastic figures. Then, we ask children to create their fairy gardens and imaginary houses with these pieces and other materials.

This is fun for children and boosts their thinking abilities. A child wants to build the best house where they put their toys and play in. So, they are motivated to work. 

Our Expert Craft Group

Getting the best out of using craft with children needs expertise. At WDF, we have experts who help to develop the best craft activities befitting for kids. They also structure out how the sessions should go to achieve maximum effect. Through our experts, we can balance the fun part of the activities with the educational aspect.