Events Lined Up to Support Defence Families

We always have events lined up for you. You can get a grasp of our programs and the period frame when you can apply to join in. All families can join obtain our membership for as low as $10. A valid membership gives you access to all our events and facilities. Our programs are fit and suitable for you and your family. Now is the best time to join us.

The following are our lined-up events.

Morning Tea

WDF holds morning tea events regularly. This event offers an avenue for community members to meet, discuss, and share various delicious meals. The event serves the purpose of helping members cool off and deepen the existing levels of interaction. Our morning tea event is a means through which we further help to achieve a greater level of integration in the society.

If you have items you intend to sell, the morning tea offers a perfect avenue for you to do just that. The event pulls a wide range of audience cutting across the different age range. This gives you the needed reach. 

To foster a lively and friendly atmosphere, we have lots of fun activities at the morning tea sessions, which include baking. We also break people into groups to foster closer levels of conversations. This also lets people in the same age range discuss peculiar matters.

Our morning tea events happen often. To join the next, check our Facebook page to get all the details you require


At WDF, we offer services which help to develop the educational and social skills of your children. Our services also foster closer relationships between children and their parents. We operate well-tailored playgroups with all the necessary equipment and facilities to improve the cognitive abilities of your child.

Our playgroups have numerous toys which your child can play with. We also have an active playground which contains lots of facilities and properly guided with adequate fencing. With our playgroups, your kids are not only safe. But we also assure their development.

We have sufficient craft materials which we use to explore the abilities of your children. With colouring, dress-up materials, story stones, and painting, we help children develop the abilities to focus, think, and imagine. This allows them to build a solid foundation in their developmental stages. 

During the summer break, our playgroups are close. However, when we open, the playgroups are operative every Monday and Wednesday at the playgroup building. We developed our operative periods in a way that fits into the schedules of most parents who want to spend time with their children. Join us today and make the best choice for your child.

Fitness Walk

Health and wellness are essential conditions for healthy living. We understand the need for physical activity among community members. This is the reason behind our fitness walk—some of our member engaging in walking exercises to stay fit.

Walking with us comes with a lot of advantages. You may want to do some physical exercises, but find it hard to do it alone. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. With our fitness walk, you will not be exercising alone, but with several other members of the community. This avenue serves not only for exercises, but to also foster a sense of togetherness and familiarity.

Our fitness walk also features sessions such as yoga and dancing. This spices up the walk while serving their exercise purposes. Walking with us offers you both health and mental benefits. After stressful days of sitting at your workplace or work from home, you should consider doing some walking to stay in shape. 

If you want to join our next walk, check out our timetable on the fitness page. You can also come along with your friends, kids, and dogs. 

Book Club

Reading is a culture among many members of the community. Book clubs are one of the best ways to harmonise people through reading. At WDF, our book clubs are safe spaces for all readers, as you can discuss your opinions on a book freely. We foster a culture of understanding where we understand everyone’s point of view from their unique perspective. 

We operate a fun book club, has a healthy and friendly environment. We are also a mobile book club that moves from one location to another per session. Our locations are often local bistros, so we can eat while also having a fun time reviewing our selected books. Using these local bistros also serves as our way of supporting the growth of local businesses. 

We are an inclusive book club, where all members form a part of the book selection process. This gives us the opportunity to have lots of varying books that can be reviewed. You are welcome to join our fun book club, which has convenient time frames. We hold our sessions on Tuesdays every six weeks.