Engaging in Physical Activity to Improve Health and Wellness

Keeping fit is an essential part of our mission. When you live without exercising enough, you are not doing your health much good. We welcome you to join us in walking and engaging in some physical exercises to stay fit. We tailor the activities to things everyone can do, so you will not be left out. Also, the walking process is always fun, as there are people to converse and walk with.

If you wonder why you should join us in walking, read through this health benefits of walking exercises. 

Health Benefits of Keeping Fit

People often consider walking as a mere means of transportation or as a form of recreation. However, this is not all there is to walk. Health benefits are ranging from reduction in health-associated risks to numerous social advantages. They are as follows:

Good for Your Bones

Walking is right for your bones and helps to make them even stronger. Walking is an exercise that is weight-bearing. This kind of activity provides you with a resistance level that is effective for your bones because they make you work against gravity. Walking also can slow the rate at which your bones progress.

Reduces Blood Pressure

One of the things that can put you at the risk of heart disease is your blood pressure. Walking may help to reduce this through its positive impacts on blood pressure. Studies have shown that supervised walking helps to reduce the rate of blood pressure in people and which makes them have healthy hearts.

Weight Loss

Walking is one of the exercises suitable for weight reduction and maintenance. At WDF, we supervise the walking process to ensure that you get maximum benefits from walking with us. When you walk, your burn calories, and this helps you to reduce weight and keep you in shape. 

If you feel you sit idly and do not do much walking activity, you should consider joining us for our regular walks. It will prove a better way to spend your time. 

Stress Reduction

One of the most economical ways to reduce stress levels is through walking. Other methods include yoga, dancing, biking, among others. But walking is more economical. All you need do is walk alongside other community members in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. 

Walking outside also has mental benefits for you. Mental health experts consider staying outside and taking strolls as restorative actions. This means that asides from stress reduction, walking helps to restore your mood, boost your energy, and elevate your mental health. 

Walking to Achieve Benefits

To ensure that our walking is not only fun but also significant health-wise. We target a certain number of steps we intend to reach every walking session. Reaching a set number of walking steps per day increases the chances of getting the benefits from walking. 

Therefore, we set a target for our walks and make use of fitness tracker to assess the progress. 

Why You Should Join Our Walk

Our walks are fun. We spice up our walks with various activities that motivate participants to keep their energy level up. This involves encouraging people to walk in crews and also engaging in games while walking. We also encourage conversations and interactions among community members. Our walk serves as a further means to foster the integration of the community. 

You can come to walk with your listening devices. You can also come with your friends, dogs, and kids if you have. The walk is an engagement for all and since we want it to be a friendly atmosphere, the more reason you should come with your crew.

Our Walk Features Different Sessions

We do not just walk all through the day. We also engage in a variety of classes, including Pilates, yoga, body bar, and cross-trainer. These classes further help you to get the most of the walking session. At these classes, we have experts that take the lessons. 

Therefore, walking with us comes with lots of benefits. If you find it difficult to exercise alone, you should consider walking with us. Our yoga classes are fun, and the walking itself is encouraging. It also gives them room to develop a sense of togetherness. 

More so, the entire package is affordable. The priority is to community development, so pricing is affordable for all. This ensures that we do not compromise access to our programs. 

If you want to walk with us, you can get our walking timetable from our website. The list is regularly updated to reflect the periods of the walk and the set of activities that will take place. Fitness is an essential part of wellness and being healthy. However, you may find it difficult doing it alone. Walk with us today and get the most of your exercise schedule. Also, it’s more fun.