Morning Tea as Support for Defence Families

Woodside Defence Families regularly holds morning tea event to strengthen community building and support all community members. We ensure to keep the environment soothing for the program and create an atmosphere where everyone mixes freely.

Our events are healthy for kids and adults of the community, and they serve as an opportunity to integrate. It is an avenue for community members to get happier, ease off tension, and enjoy the gathering of others. We structure the activities in our morning to specifically serve the needs of the defence community. It is a customised event which has something for everyone.

Meet and Greet

Our morning tea event is an avenue for a regular meet and greet. This affords you the opportunity to unwind and catch up with friends and neighbours. The event also involves several fun activities, so there is always the one you can join in.

Fun Activities

Do you love to bake or show your tea-making skills? Then, you should keep an eye out for our morning tea event. The morning tea offers the avenue for lots of fun activities. We especially pay attention to all age ranges of community members and, as such, we tailor our fun activities accordingly. So, while there is something to do for children, there are engagements for older members too.

Our activities include cake challenges. This is where we put up a cake design for everyone to see and challenge participants to remake the masterpiece. There will be prizes for those who emerge as winners.

There are also raffle challenges to spice up the event. We will draw raffles and unveil the winners at the end of the day. This leads to winning different prizes, and you may be one of the winners.

The event can also serve as an avenue for auctions. If you have home items or any piece you have been looking to sell, you can register your interest with us before our next morning tea event. The event gathers several people and, as such, it serves as a means to sell your items.

Group Sessions

Our morning tea is a perfect place for group sessions. Group sessions involve placing the community members in various groups. The groups may contain people of the same age range or have a mixture of different age ranges. The essence is to facilitate more integrations and ensure people can discuss issues generally affecting their age range.

So, while teens may want to talk about games, shopping, and outdoor activities, older members may wish to discuss work and community development. The group session provides the right pace to set these conversations and sustain them while they last.


Morning tea is also used as an avenue to raise funds for the community. We understand the need to support members of the community in different capacities. Asides serving as a means to discuss community matters, the morning tea is also used for fundraising for the needs of the community.

One of our goals is to connect with the community and strengthen the purpose of every member. With the funds we raise, we can execute this goal effectively. We also provide access to the events and programs we run with the funds we raise. This is to ensure some level of accountability to the community and to also keep a track record of the progress we make with our mission and vision.

We seek to connect deeply with you on every step and at every stage. We carry out data-driven research on the needs of the community members, and we also study those are mostly affected. This helps us to make informed choices with regards to our program and support system structures we put in place.

We Spread the Love

Our morning tea events do not end when we draw the curtain for the day. We ensure to document the memories and spread love through our social media. We show the world how the community is faring and improve the community’s visibility.

Memories are important in community development: the moments we share and the times we spend together. Putting this out on our platforms helps to strengthen the bond between the community and us. It also ensures that our works can encourage another community member to become involved with our events.

Check Our Notice Board

We hold our morning tea events at intervals. We also structure our order of the program in each morning tea event. With our notice board, you can track when the next morning tea is. We keep you updated. You can check our social media pages such as Facebook to get the notification for the next get-together.

Our morning tea sessions are for you. We want to bring people together in a safe space where they can have fun and share delicious meals. Please help us make that happen by attending.