Exploring Playgroup for Children Development

At playgroups like ours, we offer activities that involve both children and parents. These activities can be indoor or outdoor. Often, they include sand play, craft, music, story-telling, and playground equipment. What makes a playgroup interesting is that it doesn’t follow a set curriculum. Instead, we provide a set of collaborative activities which work best for each session and which fits into the schedules of parents.

Playgroups are essential because they are foundational to your child’s development. At the developmental stage, a lot goes into the child’s education which can form the basis for the child’s development. With WDF, we help your children play and understand their surroundings. By exploring different lessons and programs, they develop their cognitive skills, which go a long way in building them for the future.

Playgroups help children to form a sense of creativity and independence. They not only play but take on children-oriented tasks to sharpen their brains and mental functions. Parents may face challenges in developing children’s skills and helping them explore their surroundings. However, playgroups have a deep understanding of all it takes to develop a child, and they can help parents accordingly.

More importantly, at WDF, we also ensure to offer parents opportunities to meet and share parenting experiences. This helps each parent to learn from the other and further strengthens the bond we are building in the community.

Our goal at WDF is to attend carefully to all the needs of the community. We take time to understand what the different people in the community will need. One of such that we provide is a playgroup where children can spend time and have fun.

We are one of the leading voices in helping children not only develop, but also learn through play. Our play environment is a friendly one where your children are not only safe but can also play with other children under sufficient protection.

Numerous Toys

We understand that children have varying interests in toys. While one child may love to play with swings, another may love to play with teddy bears. We are fortunate to have various toys in our playgroups. With us, your children have more than enough to play with.

Our playgroup is a place where you become friends with other families. By putting your children in our care, you get to know the parents of other children as well. We provide valuable support to your children’s development and offer you an effective method to become closer to your child’s education.

Our playgroup provides a convenient avenue for parents to spend time with their children. You can drop by to take your child through some lessons. We make our schedules flexible and convenient, such that they fit into your routine quickly. By so doing, you can carry on your daily business, knowing your children are in safe hands.

We also have permission from the relevant state playgroup authorities. This strengthens the level of support and assistance we have to deliver premium playgroup services.

Protected Environment

To optimise the experience, we have a vast playground filled with beautiful children’s play equipment. There is adequate fencing to protect the environment, and we also ensure the playground is properly shaded. This regulates the sun entry to ensure your children do not suffer any sun form of sunburn.

We also ensure to guard each play equipment adequately to prevent any playground accident. The equipment is made of plastic materials which do not affect the skin in any way. All surfaces are smooth, and there are steps where needed, which allows for the easy transition of children from one toy to another.


We provide excellent children services through our team of well-trained volunteers. Our volunteers are mostly members of the community who are familiar not only with children related matters, but also the different families in the community. This ensures that the children are in best hands.

We also specially train all volunteers that work with us regularly. We prioritise the safety and care of children. As such, we ensure our volunteers understand the needs of each child and how to approach them.

The volunteers are also responsible for watching over the children on the playground. They are always alert to help children through playing and also prevent any child from falling. They ensure a seamless play and learning atmosphere for your children.


Our playgroup opens every Monday and Wednesday. We also offer our services at affordable prices because we want to help your children develop. We prioritise access to efficient playgroup over any other factor.

For members, we take gold coin donation, while for non-members, we take a $2 fee.